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Welcome to Nursery

Let all that you do be done in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14


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Miss Jones, Mrs Coyle and Mrs Briant welcome you to our website!


We will be adding lots of information and pictures throughout the year to share many of our exciting activities, special events and ‘wow’ moments of learning.


General Information


School starts with registration at 8:55am, please try to be prompt!


Snack money can be paid each week or for the half term, at £1.00 per week. Please try to bring this in as promptly as possible!


Please make sure that all of your child’s uniform and spare clothes (including shoes) have their full names in.

Autumn Term


Autumn Newsletter and Medium Term Plan:

Dates for your Diary


Monday 23rd September – Allday’s farm animals visit into school
Friday 27th September – 9am Stay and Play – Grandparents’ Morning (more information to follow)

Friday 4th  October – MacMillan Coffee Morning – School Hall

Friday 18th October – Non-uniform day (children bring in unwanted toys or gifts for the Christmas Fair)

Monday 21st – Parents’ evening (a chance to discuss how your child has settled into the Nursery)
Friday 25th October – Non-uniform day (wearing red and blue to say no to racism)

Friday 25th October – Stay and Share and break up for Half Term (3:00pm)

Tuesday 5th November – Return to Nursery

Friday 22nd November – Non-uniform day

Friday 29th November – Non-uniform day (Chocolate donations)
Friday 6th December – Non-uniform day (Bottle donations)

Wednesday 11th December – Christmas Play

Friday 13th December – Santa Dash, Xmas jumper day and Xmas Fair

Wednesday 18th October – Stay and Share

Friday 20th December – Christmas Party and break up (1:30pm)

Children In Need 2019 

Thank you for your continued support and kind donations!

Maths - Making Repeated Patterned Necklaces

This week we consolidated our previous week's work, when we used autumnal objects to make repeated patterns, by using coloured pasta to make a two or three coloured repeating pattern. 

Remembrance Day Worship 

The class were very respectful and considerate during the collective worship. After watching the CBeebies 'Poppies' animation they began to reflect about how the bunny felt throughout the video and they made links to this when talking about the importance of Remembrance Day. 


Dylan: "We remember all the brave people now and then who keep us safe."

Friendship Fortnight 

We have read lots of stories this week to encourage lots of discussion and reflection about what it means to be a good friend to others, we particularly enjoyed the story 'Something Else'. During the fortnight we have made a friendship recipe using playdough to make models of characteristics that a kind friend would have and we have also made special hearts to give to a friend. 


Reece: "For my Dad because he hugs me."

Ewan: "For Thea because she shares with me."

Joe: "For my Mummy because she makes me the food."

Ethan: "For ym Mum because she kicks a ball with me."

Acting out a Baptism

We have been learning lots of new words related to baptism and to bring this to life we acted out a baptism in different groups. The children have been learning about the font, holy water, godparents and the baptism candle. They were especially excited to learn they joined God's special family after a baptism. 

Maths Museums Autumn 

Whilst gathering concrete resources for the maths museum the class were interested in selecting different resources to represent a number in different ways and some even began adding in symbolic numerals! They also enjoyed trying to be organised and systematic in their presentation of the museum. It was a great start to exploring how to build a maths museum!


Autumn Themed Maths 

This week's maths activities were built around the use of natural autumnal resources. For one activity the children were challenged to organise the different sticks by height order and for another the class experimented with repeated patterns. 


Jacob: "Conker then a makes a pattern."

Emily: "I used 2 conkers together then 2 sticks together."

Joseph W: "You have to remember leaf, stick, conker and it goes again leaf, stick, conker."

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears 

We have come to the end of our exploration into this traditional tale and the class have been retelling the story in their own words through using role-play in the 3 Bears' cottage area. They were so creative in how they independently chose their own props to enhance their role-play and they were all able to repeat phrases from the story to sequence the story. 


Ariana :  “Daddy Bear’s porridge too hot, Mummy bear’s porridge too cold and Baby Bear’s porridge is just right.

Thomas:  “There’s Goldilocks in the bed!”

Alfie: “Who’s been sitting on my chair?”


This week we also pretended to be like Goldilocks and made porridge so it would be 'just right' by adding their own choice of ingredients. 


Joseph H: “This porridge is too hot!”

Thea: “This is just right for me.”

Making ghosts and thinking about their emotions

The children were enthusiastic and engaged when listening to the instructions for how to make the ghost model. Afterwards most children could follow each instruction carefully with some just needing some support when cutting and drawing to gain greater control. When exploring a range of ghost expressions, the class were able to identify which one was sad or happy and they were interested in learning new words.  


Jacob: “He sad because he doesn’t like being scared.”  

Isaac: “He is frightened by the other ghosts.”  

Ewan: “He is angry because he’s little bit scared of the other ghosts.”  

Mr Panda Story Maps

We have had such fun reading Steve Antony's Mr Panda's stories and to finish off our author study we created a story map in groups based on the book 'Thank you, Mr Panda.' The children began to use time language to order the main events and then they became illustrators as they each chose a character to draw. Using their drawings they could retell the story in their own words and to help their retelling they repeated phrases from the story. 

Maths - sorting socks by size

To apply their skills in ordering and classifying objects by size, today the class were set a challenge to organise the socks by size and if possible into matching pairs too. Along the way the children gained precision in how to measure the socks and confidence in using language of small, medium, big, long and short to talk about their ideas. 


RE - Baptism Topic

Through our topic 'Welcome' the class have been using role-play to imagine what it would feel like to welcome a new baby into their home. They were confident in discussing what a new baby needs and how it is a very special time. 


Joe: "My new baby is all cosy in her blanket because she is so little."

Archie: "We will look after her and love her."

Theo: "Thank you for the baby she is so special."

Thomas:"Hello baby I'm glad you've come into my house."

Observational Art - Sunflowers

The children had a great time carefully investigating and talking about what they noticed on the sunflowers. They showed high levels of focus as they talked about the colours and shapes they could identify. After exploring the flowers they decided on the appropriate colours and painted the sunflowers. Later in the week they developed this further by drawing them using coloured pencils. 

Maths - Numicon Staircase

This week the class explored making the Numicon Staircase from 1-5 for the very first time. They tried so hard and began to explore how the shapes are alike and different as well as working on their recognition of the shapes' numerical values. They also began to use the digit cards alongside the staircase and some children explored how to recreate the Numicon shapes through using pegs. 

Maths - Making Big and Small Bear 

Through reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' we have been focusing on using the language of size to compare big and small objects. From this we used different sized shapes to investigate how to make big and small bears. When making a choice about what shape to pick for each body part we needed to consider the shapes' size and properties. 


Theo: "I used a square body in the middle."

Leo H: "A triangle hat at the top."

Joseph H: "Body is circle."

Lucas: "I used square for mouth on bottom of head."

Steve Antony Author Study 

In English we have started looking at the fabulous author Steve Antony and started with the book 'I'll Wait, Mr Panda'. This book has taught us about how to us our manners and be patient when waiting for a surprise. We have really enjoyed the characters and particularly liked seeing the HUGE surprise doughnut at the end!! As part of this author study so far we have explored mark making to draw the characters, made paper plate panda faces and decorated doughnuts with paint and collage materials. 


Comments about their doughnut creations: 

Luna: "Chocolate pieces inside and it’s got sparkly sprinkles on.”  

Ariana: “It’s strawberry pink and delicious.”  

Jack “It‘s going to be delicious.”  

Heidi “It’s raspberry flavour with rainbow glittery sparkles.”

Jasmine “It’ll have ice cream inside and tasty sweets on top.”

Grandparents' Day

What a fabulous day we have just had in Nursery playing with our lovely family members! Thank you to everyone who came, the class thoroughly enjoyed sharing this special time with you all. During the morning there were different challenges out to explore with the children including making a bed for Goldilocks and decorating a paper plate as the child's face.

Maths - Sorting between big and small

In Nursery we have been investigating the language of size and this has come about through reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. After looking and comparing different objects to say which was bigger and smaller, we began to categorise animal pictures onto the tchart. 

AllDay's Farm Visit 

We loved our visit from the farm and it taught us how to care for the different animals by thinking about their grooming and dietary needs. It was a great opportunity to meet and handle a range of big and small animals, we even met a chinchilla!


Reece: I liked the pigs but the farmer said we couldn't get them out because then they dig up all the mud!
Archie: I liked the horses because they weren't jumpy ones like I have seen before. 

Ourselves - Expressions

During our first Nursery topic 'Ourselves' we have been exploring the different feelings we may experience. Through reading lots of stories we have introduced the Zones of Regulation, which helps us to recognise how we feel and we can now use the zones to talk to others about our emotions. As part of recognising our emotions we have been using the playdough to form a range of facial expressions and share a time we have felt like this. 


Ewan: “I get angry when I get playdough on my face.” 

Thea: “I am happy when playing with Sophie.”

Lucas: “I am sad when mummy gets sad.”

RE - Myself topic

During our first Religious Education topic, we have been learning about how we are all precious to God. We have also been thinking about how we all have similarities and differences and that these differences are what make us special. From this we have produced puppets and hand prints and used circle time to discuss why we are special. 


Leo H: “I am special because I can play the guitar.”

Scarlett: “I am special because I tell Kaiden I love him.”

Ethan: “I am special because like to help tidy up.”

Mission Statement Display 

In Nursery we have been exploring the book 'We're All Works of Art' by Mark Sperring and from this we have produced some beautiful collages. In Mark's words "We are proud of our uniqueness."