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Our Retreat Day

We recently attended our Retreat Day, at Savio Salesian College.  Our theme this year, was friendship.  We learnt about and discussed what makes a good friend. We had lots of fun and even produced our own poems about friendship.


Here is an example of one of our poems, we hope that you like it.


I am Loyal,

You are truthful.

I am inclusive,

You are respectful.


I always do my best to share,

While, you always show you care.

Although there are times when we fight

We always forgive to make  things right.


Whenever I am alone and lost

You are always there for me whatever the cost

You make me smile and fill my days with fun

You are a shining light, just like the sun.


I am your best friend, you are mine

Lets play together all of the time.



Stephen,Robyn, Harvey, Olivia W.S and Rhys


The whole class had a great day. A few of our children have shared their thoughts and what they have learnt about friendship:


 “My favourite part of the day was the sports, mainly the game Dodge Ball.  For me friendship is all about being kind to each other and playing together, it is not a game unless you are with friends. “ Sam 


“ I most enjoyed the Ice Breaker games at the start of the day and creating our own poetry.  It was great to see our old pupils and for them to help us. ” Lily


“I really enjoyed creating our poems.  My group’s poem reminded everyone that our friends are always there for us and how to be a good friend.  To be a good friend you must never be mean and always be honest.’David