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Living Things


In your last science lesson you had to find things that were living, not living and never lived and sort them into the right group.


Today you are going to concentrate on living things. You probably had no problem finding things to put into the living things section last lesson, but could you explain why you put them there?


All living things have 7 characteristics (things that they can all do), these are called life processes. We can use something called an acronym to remember what they are (each letter stands for a word). You can use the name Mrs Nerg to help you.


Look at the powerpoint, it tells you what each letter stands for.



I would like you to create a poster with the letters MRS NERG on it, by each letter I would like you to write a sentence that explains what the letter stands for. You can draw an image for each section too. This activity will help you learn what the seven life processes are.