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The Mystery of the Egg and Spoon Swindler


KS2 children from Clearlake Primary School had gathered on the school field for the most exciting event of the year: Sports Day. They had put on their team stickers and stretched their muscles ready for the challenges ahead of them. However, when Mr Butler opened the bags of equipment, he noticed a huge problem: the equipment for the egg and spoon race had been tampered with!

The spoons had been replaced by forks and the eggs had been swapped for spaghetti!


As Detective Chief Inspector on the case, it is your job to find out which participant swapped the equipment. You have taken down the names and descriptions of 20 children who helped to set up the Sports Day equipment. There are also five important clues that have been discovered on the school field.


To crack the case, you will need to solve each clue and check the information with the list of names. Will you be able to solve the mystery and return the correct equipment before Sports Day is over?


"Good luck detectives!"