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The Smile Challenge

Throughout the week the children in year 6 have been working on The Smile Challenge.smiley

Each group's task was to work together, using a budget of £10 each, to organise an activity which would make as many people in our school or local area smile. The week was a huge success and the children of year 6 made many people very happy. 


Group 1

This group organised a cross bar challenge and penalty shoot out which took place at break times and lunch times throughout the week. The children managed to raise £72 which was 7 times the £10 they started off with. This money was then donated to Jospice, which is a local Hospice. The children did very well organising the event and raised a very impressive sum of money in such a short period of time. 

Cross Bar Challenge and Penalty Shoot Out.

Group 2


This group decided that they would like to make the children in our school smile. The reception class were holding a pirate day and so this group decided they would help by organising some pirate fun. There was a treasure hunt in the outdoor play area, pirate songs, colouring in and games. As you can see from the pictures both the reception children and the year 6 children had a great time. 

Group 3

This group thought about the animals who have been mistreated and all the people who look after them. Having telephoned Freshfield Animal Rescue, they told us that they needed food for the animals and blankets so the children set about enlisting the help of the school hoping we receive some donations to take to the animal rescue centre. In fact we received lots of donations from the generous parents and children in our school. The staff at Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre were overwhelmed and invited us back to see the animals again. 

Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre

Group 4


Group 4 decided to organise a bingo and coffee morning at Bailey Court, a local residential home for the elderly. The children said they would like to make the older people in our area smile and worked together to organise a game of bingo, cakes and tea, games and even a song with Lily on the trombone. The residents of Bailey Court had a lovely time and you can see lots of smiling faces on the photographs. Infant they invited us back to see them agin soon. 


Group 5


The final group organised a collection of toiletries to donate to local housing association in Bootle which provides a place to stay for young people between 16 and 25 who find themselves homeless. The manager told us that the young people would really appreciate any toiletries we could donate and so this group, again with the help of the children, parents and staff of our school, managed to collect together a number of hampers to donate and we hope we have helped the young people and made them smile.