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Year Six Maths

2D Shapes


We played shape Taboo. They children had to describe their 2D shape using clues only, they were not allowed to use the name of the shape. We had great fun trying to guess the shape and some of the clues were very tricky. We then work in pairs to match the set of clues to the name and picture of the 2D shape. 



Multiplying Proper Fractions. 

We used pictures to pictorially represent what happens when we multiply two fractions. We learnt that the multiply sign means of and our pictures show why the answer is smaller when multiply 2 fractions. 


Fractions - Say What You See...

Each group was given a shape with part of it shaded in. The children had to say what they saw and recorded their ideas as fractions, decimals and percentages. We used Numicon shapes and pegs to help show the fraction that was shaded and unshaded. The pupils also used the concrete equipment to add together fractions. 



Problem Solving and Reasoning: 

Year six investigated Factors. We knew factors came in pairs which made us wonder:

                              do all numbers have an even number of factors?

We made some conjectures and investigated this question to decide whether the statement is always true, sometimes true or never true. 

From our investigations you will see that most numbers have an even number of factors, except square numbers as they have an odd number of factors. As a class we agreed that the statement is sometimes true!

Problem Solving

In Year Six we apply our mathematical knowledge to solve problems.  Please see below for some images of our problem solving work. 

Selecting The Most Efficient Strategy

During our Math’s Lesson, we talked about how it is important to select the correct strategy.  In this lesson we worked in pairs to talk about the calculation and discuss the most efficient strategy.  Then we shared, the different strategies.  The most efficient strategy may be different for each person, we will keep working and thinking about the different strategies that we can use.

 We all need to remember to think about the calculation before working out our answer .  This thinking time will help us to select the correct strategy. 

Place Value

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about Place Value in Maths. In the pictures you will see all our work. We have partitioned the numbers, ordered them on a number line, used inequality signs to show which is greater than the other.

What is a Mathematician?

To begin our Math’s lessons we thought about what a mathematician is.  We tried to draw a mathematician and what thought we looked like in Math’s lessons. Then, we thought about what skills and qualities a good mathematician would have.  We thought a good mathematician: doesn’t give up and they always try their best.  Within our Math’s lessons we all want to be the best mathematician we can be.