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Year 6

Be kind and loving to each other. Forgive each other the same as God forgave you in Christ.

Ephesians 4:32

Welcome to Year 6's Class Page.

Miss Gleaves, Mrs Johnson, Mr Crilly.


General Information:

The school day starts at 8.55 am.


Children need to bring their reading book and homework diary to school each day.


A school hot dinner costs £10.00 per week. Money is payable on a Monday morning, and should be brought to school in an envelope clearly marked with the child's name, class and amount of money it contains.


Toast is available to buy on Mondays and Wednesdays at a cost of 10p.


Colomendy money can be paid every Friday morning, please ensure you send in your child's payment card along with any money.


P.E. day is Friday, the children will need full P.E. Kits for this lesson. If you could write your child's name on the kit, that would be a great help.


​Swimming day is Thursday, don't forget your kit. You will need swimming costume/trunks, a towel, swimming cap. Remember jewellery is not allowed when swimming.




Reading: Children are expected to read every night with an adult and get their reading records signed. It is important to discuss the text with your child to help develop skills of comprehension.


Spellings: spellings are given on a Monday and need to be practised each night before the test on Thursday.  To help the children to learn their spellings they will also be given spelling homework on a Wednesday. 


Handwriting:  To develop the children's handwriting they will be given a handwriting spelling sheet on  a Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday to be returned the next day.  


Maths: maths homework will be given over the weekend.On a Monday, children will also be given timestable practice to be returned on Friday. 


English: There will also be a piece of grammar/punctuation homework set for over the weekend.


Homework projects: there will also be various homework projects throughout the year linking to topics covered in the curriculum.

Important Dates


Monday 5th June

Return to school. Beginning of Healthy and Active Fortnight. 

Monday 12th June  Begin the second week of Health and Active Fortnight. 
Tuesday13th June

Road Safety talk for Year 6.  

Friday 16th June

Colomendy Fun Run. 

Monday 19th June -

Friday 23rd June

Wednesday 28th June 

Sports Day


Wednesday 5th July  Beach Trip - attendance reward 
Wednesday 12th July Arts Festival for parents pm. 
Friday 14th July 

Summer Fair  

Monday 17th July 

Year 6 Leavers' BBQ. 

Year 6 Leavers' Service in Church 7pm. 

Thursday 20th July

Leavers' Assembly. 

Break up at 1:30pm. 


Year 6 Topics


Subject   Summer  Term



Common Good


How to Live Forever

The Dream Giver


Problem Solving:

Finding All Possibilities. 

Rules and Patterns 





Evolution and Inheritance



History and



Why is China so special?


Autumn Newsletter

SATs Info for parents

Still image for this video
This is a useful video which explains the SATs tests, the children are due to take in May.

The Smile Challenge 2017. frown


Once again the pupils of Year 6 were set the challenge to plan activities and events to help make as many people smile as possible. The children work together to plan and organise their events using a budget of £10. The pupils did very well and managed to make everyone in our school smile as well as people in our local community. Below is an outline of what each group did. 


Fresh field Animal Rescue Centre. 

One group organised a collection of food and blankets for the animals at Freshfield Animal Rescue Centre which runs on donations from the public. The children also decided to hold a competition to name the toy dog to help raise money to also donate to the centre. The pupils were amazed at how much food was donated and how many children took part in the game, they were very proud to take what they collected to Frehsfield Animal Resuce where they got to meet a few of the animals. 




Fresh field Animal Rescue Centre

Raising Money For Zoe's Place

Many of the children wanted to raise money to help other children and chose to donate the proceeds of their events to Zoe's Place which cares for children who are unwell in Liverpool. There was a cross bar challenge and penalty shoot out running at break times and lunch time as well as a raffle to win a spectacular hamper of toys. 

Another group made cakes which they sold at playtimes to the infants and the juniors. As you can see the rest of the children thoroughly enjoyed the events and raised lots of money in the process!

Our Coffee Afternoon

Another group decided that they would make others smile by inviting their parents and grandparents to a coffee afternoon with a surprise performance on the drums from year 6. 

We had lots of visitors who thoroughly enjoyed the cakes and were impressed with the drumming!

The Obstacle Course for Year 1 and 2. 

One of our groups decided that they would like to make a fun obstacle course to make the children of Year 1 and Year 2 smile. The pupils spent the first part of the morning building it and then helped the Year 1 and 2 children complete the course. They all had lots of fun especially on the space hoppers! 



Cake and Lemonade Stall. 

This group decided that they would like to raise money for Zoe's Place which is a Charity providing care to babies and infants aged from birth to 5 years suffering from life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. Many of the pupils baked their own cakes to sell and they raised in total the groups raised over £120 pounds to donate to the charity! Well done everyone!

Collective Worship: Do Your Best. 

With SATs looming the focus of our collective worship was doing our best. We read the story of David and Goliath from the Old Testament and how his faith in God gave him self belief and the determination to overcome great challenges. After to listening to the Psalm. Pupils wrote their own personal prayers to God to help us face the challenges we have to come in the next few weeks. 

Our Collective Worship

Artwork in RE. 

We all know the Our Father prayer and say it many times. This lesson we took the time to think about what the words mean what the prayer is about. We then used our artistic talents to design a stained class window to sum up some of the lines from the Our Father prayer. We used oil pastels and tracing paper to create our designs. 

Our Stained Glass Windows

Other Faiths Week

In Other Faiths Week, we studied Hinduism.  As part of our studies we had a special visitor who discussed Hinduism and taught us a special dance. We also learnt about Dharma and Karma. 

Dharma is a person's duty, the right thing to do in any given situation. 

Karma is the law of cause and effect, the idea that every action we take will have consequences either positive or negative. 

We learnt that each Hindu must follow their religious duty - dharma. Fulfilling this duty is the first step to breaking the cycle of rebirth and achieving moksha, which means the soul is liberated from cycle of life and death. 

​​​​​​​In year 6 we researched what these five daily duties include and what we can learn from them. 

Building our own model Morrison Shelters. 

We found out about how people protected themselves during an air raid in WWII. We discovered that if you were unable to build an Anderson Shelter, you may have had a Morrison Shelter, allowing you shelter in your own home during an air raid. 

We were set a challenge to work in pairs to make a model Morrison Shelter out of a a few simple craft materials. Next, we will write a set of instructions on how to build the shelter. 

British Values Play In A Day. 


Year 6 were lucky to have their second Play In A Day of the year which was based on British Values. The children learnt about what our British Values are and what they mean to us. 

Throughout the day the children spoke about tolerance, respect, democracy and liberty. 


Our Anderson Shelters

Over the Christmas Holidays the year 6 children worked on a project to make their own model Anderson Shelters. The pupils researched the shelters, what they were made from, why they were used and what they were like to shelter inside. The children worked extremely hard on their models and the results are fantastic!! 

 In November 1938, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain placed Sir John Anderson in charge of Air Raid Precautions. He immediately commissioned the engineer, William Patterson, to design a small and cheap shelter that could be erected in people's gardens. The first 'Anderson' shelter was erected in a garden in Islington, London on 25 February 1939 and, between then and the outbreak of the war in September, around 1.5 million shelters were distributed to people living in areas expected to be bombed by the Luftwaffe.

Our British Values Assembly

As a class we were asked to learn about and deliver and assembly on the rule of law.  In our assembly, we discussed King John  and the Magna Carta.  This is the first formal document stating that the King had to follow the laws of the land and it guaranteed the rights of individuals.  The document were our first laws.  Next, we talked about  our laws today. We explained how Members of Parliament (MPs)discuss ideas for new laws in the Houses of Parliament, debating whether they agree or disagree. The idea is then sent to the House of Lords so that they can also debate it. When over half the Lords voting agree with the bill, it is sent to one last person,  Queen Elizabeth II.  Finally, we discussed our responsibilities.  We told everyone that  as British Citizens it is our responsibility to respect the rule of law.

Our Retreat Day 

We recently attended our Retreat Day, at Savio Salesian College.  We discussed love and forgiveness.  We had lots of fun and learnt a great deal about God’s love.

Our Electrical Fairgrounds

To support our scientific understanding  of electrical circuits we had a D.T day. We had to design a fairground which was powered by an electrical circuit.

First we made a circuit with a motor and designed a switch so the fairground could be switched on and off.

We also used cardboard to build our design. Everyone's fairground was a success and we were all very impressed with our design skills.

Our Children In Need Pyjamas Day

To help support Children In Need, we had a school pyjamas day.  Our school council orgainised the event and just asked if everyone could make a donation. To begin our day, we attended a whole school Collective Worship led by Key Stage Two. 


Remembrance Day

During our collective worship the children displayed reverence and respect as we remembered all those who had lost their lives during war. We joined the nation in a moment of silence at 11’o clock as we remembered.

We read  scripture and thought about world peace and a time when there would be no fighting.  

The children recorded a prayer and some recorded a line that they felt was very special in the scripture.  A line we thought  about was ‘nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will  they train for war anymore.’ To end our collective worship, we said a prayer to ask for peace and love in the world; to help us show reconciliation to others.


To begin our work on Judaism, we had a special visitor in school.  Our visitor taught us lots about Judaism.  He had brought many items into school that we looked at and learnt about. 

Friendship Fortnight

Our Friendship Fortnight, is a very special time in our school when we think about friendship and being good friends.  We attended a collective worship led by Year Five.  Year five kindly gave all the children and teaching staff a friendship card to remind us all of their key message.

During Friendship Fortnight, we also had a visit off Mr. Yip who talked to us about treating people equally. 

We also had a performance about anti bullying. To end our Friendship Fortnight, we attended Year 1, 3 and 4’s assembly.   The classes all worked so hard on their assemblies and we were really impressed.  They taught us: what makes a good friend; how we are all different and special; how bullying is wrong and if we are ever upset or feel we or someone is being bullied we must speak to an adult.       

E- Safety

We have learnt: how to keep ourselves safe online; how to be  responsible online citizens and  we also thought about our digital footprint.  We created a Year Six display in our ICT room, to remind all children in our school to stay safe online. 


For our art lessons,we looked at the traditional Willow Pattern plate which again tells a story of good overcoming evil. The story goes that the daughter of a very grand Mandarin falls in love with his servant boy. The Mandarin was furious when he found out, he imprisoned he servant boy in his garden and forbid his daughter from leaving the house. They both escaped and lived a happy life together far away; however, the Mandarin's guards track them down and they are both killed. The Gods, touched by their love story, immortalise them as doves which are painted on the Willow Pattern plates.


For our art lessons we made plates and pots out of clay.  We decoratated them with the willow pattern.  We also made some dragons! 

Our Philippe Petit Work

In  our Literacy lessons, we have been reading about the famous high wire walker, Philippe Petit. Having read the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers by Mordicai Gerstein, we wrote biographies of his exciting life in which he achieved the impossible.


​We also worked on a Design and Technology project where we made models of Philippe Petit tightrope walking between the two towers.

Andy Grant Visit


We were lucky enough again this year to have Andy Grant, a local hero, come to visit us.  He is a former Royal Marine who was injured in an IED explosion which resulted in him having his right leg amputated.  Since then, Andy has completed many challenges, including: abseiling down The Shard; competing in the Invictus Games (winning two gold medals and a bronze);  becoming the world’s fastest amputee over  10km.  He told us all about his journey, his future challenges and how we can all work hard and achieve our own dreams.  He is truly inspirational and we will remember his story and message.  We are going to be creating a biography all about him and look forward to sharing these with Andy. 

Our Trip To Moel Famau


We set ourselves a Year Six challenge to walk up Moel Famau.  We were successful and had a great day!  We all worked as a great team and followed our leaders instructions.  Everyone appreciated the beautiful views and natural beauty of our world. 

World War II Play in a Day. 

Year 6 enjoyed preparing for and performing a Play in a Day based on World War II. We learnt that at 11.15 am on 3rd September 1939, Britain's Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain announced that Britain was at war with Germany via a radio broadcast. The children also learnt about conscription, evacuation and how war impacted on life at home. The play was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed the day. 


Our School Council Elections


For our school council elections, we talked about British Values and what is a democracy.  Everyone in Year Six had the opportunity to stand for election.  The children who wished to run as a candidate had to make a speech explaining what they would do and why they should be picked as a councilor.  After listening to all of the nominations, the children went to vote at the school polling station. Then, we waited for the election results to be announced!  Our two school council representatives were presented with their badges during our special mass for St. Robert Bellarmine.  

Our First Djembe Drum Lesson


Year Six took part in their first Djembe drum lesson, we will have a drum lesson every Monday. We are looking forward to working on our first performance.  

Our Mission Day

For our Mission Day, we attended a collective worship led by Year Five.  We also thought about our Mission statement within class and produced a display to remind us of our Mission Statement.