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Activity 2 and 3- Reading skills (retrieval of information, summarising and prediction)

Activity 2 and 3  - Reading 


This activity can be found here:


This activity includes a video and extract  from Daisy and the Trouble with Life by Kes Gray.

There are 3 sections of activities to complete over 2 days.

Section 1 - answer the questions about the book

Section 2 - Write some key things that happen in the story

Section 3- Make predictions about where Daisy is going.

You can use Tuesday and Wednesday's English lessons to complete these.


I have put the activities on a worksheet for you to use or please record your answers in your exercise book.


If you enjoyed this extract it has been the book club book on the BBC Bitesize programme last week, if you wish to hear more you can find the archived programmes here.

I will give you the time book club starts on each programme to help you find it.

Week 1:1 - 9'30" - 13'13"

Week 1:2 - 9'07" - 14'05"

Week 1:3 -8'53" - 13'00"

Week 1:4 - 8'53"- 12'19"                     

Week 1:5 - 9'37" - 12'24"