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Afternoon Activities (History, Science, Art)

History - Where Did The Maya Exist? 

The Maya were a civilisation that existed in Central America, use the information to find out which modern day countries the Maya existed in. You will recognise some from our geography work on Mexico. 

History - When Did The Maya Exist? 

Now we need to find out when the Maya Civilisation existed. They were a very successful civilisation and went through 3 main periods called the pre-classic period, the classic period and the post classic period. We will find out about all 3 of them. 

Science - What is the force air resistance? 

We have been learning about forces in science. We have learnt that a force is a push or a pull. We learnt that gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth and friction is the force between 2 objects moving across each other in opposite directions.  You are going to learn about a specific force of friction called air resistance.  


Once you know what air resistance is you could investigate it using materials around your house, there is a help sheet to support you with this. Have a go, if you are able to.

Art - Drawing a Sugar Skull 

As you have learnt about the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico with Señorita have a go at drawing a sugar skull. 

Remember the festival is a celebration and a happy time so the skulls are brightly decorated.