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Afternoon Activities

Afternoon Activities 


Here are range of activities that you can choose from. 

Health & Wellbeing 

This week's activity explores the emotions we may feel when we move to a new class. We all may experience some of these emotions as the year draws to a close and we begin to think about moving to the next class. 

Science - The Phases Of The Moon 

The Moon does not aways look the same in our sky, it goes through a number of phases, depending on how much of The Moon we can see. Read the information carefully and complete the worksheet on the phases of The Moon. 

The Maya - What Was A Maya Village Like? 

Read the information carefully and look at the images. Once you have understand the information, look closely at the drawing of a typical Maya village. What can you see from the information you have read? Label the drawing or make a list in your book of what you could see. 

Art - Sun Gods

The Aztecs and the Maya believed in more than one god and one of them was a Sun God. They prayed to this God for sunshine to help their crops grow well. Try drawing a sun god of your own and colour it in with bright colours.