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Geography - The Great Barrier Reef

Look at the powerpoint below , here you can see photographs of the different landscapes that can be found in Australia.


We are going to look at another place that you could visit in Australia this week, The Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef can be found in a place called Queensland.

On the map can you find Sydney, Uluru and The Great Barrier Reef?



I have found some videos that will explain what a coral reef is, they are only short  (around 3 minutes each)

 This video it will explain what a coral reef is -

These short National Geographic  videos shows you what The Great Barrier Reef looks like from underwater


Your  Task  is to create a report telling me all about The Great Barrier Reef, either record it on the attached sheet or record it in your exercise book.

I would like to know about these things, you can write some sentences for each section and add pictures if you wish:-

-Where the Great Barrier Reef is

-What the Great Barrier Reef is

-What you can find living  there (3 things)

-What people like to do when they visit the Great Barrier Reef

-Why it is in danger   - 5 things to do if you visit


Good Luck!