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Graduation and Evaluation

Hi everyone,


I hope you are all still staying safe and well. Thank you for everything you have done to keep your child happy, confident and busy over the past few months, we couldn't have done this without your continued support. Around this time of year we would usually be having a Nursery Graduation and I did not want you all to miss out on this beautiful celebration. Therefore I have attached an activity to make a graduation cap at home along with a poem for the children and certificate that would have been presented to them on their graduation.


This is a time to recognise the huge leaps that the children have made and the brilliant support we have received from home to make this progress possible. The class has given us so much joy and laughter along the way and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are all so proud of how they have each grown into kind, curious and resilient little learners who are so ready for their next stages. Whether the children are continuing into our Reception or starting their next chapter somewhere new, we want you to all go and be brilliant, be brave and be the very best version of yourselves!


I know you have all got different commitments at the moment but if you could have a little ceremony at home to dress the children up in their homemade hats and present the children with their certificates, I am sure the children would be thrilled! I would love to see photos of this, so please upload them to Twitter or send via an email. 


I have also included a parent evaluation document and would really appreciate it if you would complete this so that we can continue to improve our Nursery provision. Please just type your answers onto the document and send it back to the nursery email address (


Another huge thanks from all of the Nursery Team, we wish we could celebrate this important milestone with you all,


Mrs Smith, Mrs Coyle and Mrs Briant