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Fun Run Schedule

Sierra Leone Fundraiser reminder about the Fun Run on Friday 28th November.

  • Children are to wear blue white and green clothing suitable for running in
  • Trainers MUST be worn
  • Cost - £1 or more at your discretion donation to Ebola crisis
  • Reception, Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y4 will do their run in the morning
  • Y5 and Y6 will run in the afternoon
  • Children from other local schools, St Monica’s, English Martyrs, Rimrose Hope and All Saints Anfield will also be running in the afternoon
  • Apologises but parents will not be able to attend this event due to large numbers of children from other schools
  • Children will get a hot dog and a drink
  • Children are welcome to come to school with hair sprayed in blue white or green colours and/or face painted in those colours
  • Unfortunately if the weather is too wet we will postpone this event
  • We have a limited supply of blue green and white hair spray and face paints available. We will give first preference to Y5 & Y6. If you do not have your own supplies of hair spray/face paints and would like your child to have their face painted/hair sprayed please indicate below giving permission and include an extra 50p to cover the costs. Please understand this will be dependent on sufficient supplies.