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RE Activities

This week we start a new RE topic is called Treasures. This theme is a Universal Church theme and shows the Church at work throughout the world. CAFOD resources are mentioned throughout and can be accessed on their website: You will have to log in to use the resources, but they are plentiful, fun and free to use.


The first activity is from the Explore section of the plan that is attached below. Choose one of these activities to complete.

  •  Think about what you treasure and why. Share your own ‘treasure chest’ (e.g. photo of special people, memorable artefacts) with someone at home. Write 4 things that you treasure and why they are special on the hearts on the sheet below.
  • Go for a walk and take photos/video clips/make lists of treasures around us (e.g. flowers, plants, tap for water). Look images and talk about the things we treasure and why. Talk about how to look after the treasures and how you would feel if one of your own treasures was damaged in any way. Record 4 things that you see around you that you treasure on the sheet
  • Make a treasure box and put photos, pictures, drawings etc. of all the things we cherish inside. Talk about why we treasure these things and how we should care for them. There is a template here that you can use in the planning sheet below.